Project Description

Ganson Entertainment – Buffalo Riverworks

Project Overview:

A group of developers transformed an abandon set of canal front buildings into a premier entertainment complex complete with winter ice skating, hockey, curling, roller derby and summer entertainment, boating, food and live entertainment. The complex was constructed in part with the Labatt’s Blue Brewing Company. The complex has since become the home of the annual Labatts Blue Pond Hockey Tournament and the Labatts Blue “Six Pack”.

Scope of Work:

NMCC was brought on board to perform several phases of the year and a half construction project. Mostly to fabricate and install all structural steel for the new and renovated buildings. Shoring up large sections of roof for interior demolition. Excavation and installation of structural concrete foundations along with finished interior specialty concrete. Underground utility services and tie ins were also supervised by NMCC. NMCC was also involved with design, fabrication and installation of ornamental steel figures used throughout the facility.